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Monday no school  MLK day

Tuesday- Thursday SNOW DAYS

When we come back from our snow break we will be reviewing the standards we did right before break.  Luckily we already did most of our tests before we left. 


Agenda for when we return:

~Spelling tests from last week.....STUDY!!!

~Review standards from last week

~Start new standards in science with activities

~Take our end of the unit test in Reading



Hope you have enjoyed your time with your families.  I am looking forward to seeing you back soon!

4th grade
Reading: using details and background knowledge to make inferences. 
Science: review plant and animal cells, predators and prey, and energy in the ecosystem 
5th grade
Reading: using details and background knowledge to make inferences 
Science: review plant and animal cells, photosynthesis and energy and food in the ecosystem 
Upcoming dates:
Jan 15 no school 
Jan 23 100th day of school
Jan 25 pto meeting
Jan 26 moms lunch 
Feb 1 chuckie cheese night
Feb 16 and 19th no school
Feb 20 parent teacher conference 
Feb 22 dads lunch 


4th- finding the theme of a poem by using details in the text. 
5th- finding the theme of a poem by  from details in the text. 
4th- plant and animal cells and predators, prey and competition
5th- plant and animal cells and photosynthesis. 
Important dates:
12/11 FCA coming to read
12/12 Christmas program at 1
12/13 do right days and AR party
12/15 Christmas party. Bring breakfast items, gift and wear pajamas! 
12/16-1/2 no school. Merry Christmas!
1/3 back to school
1/15 no school
1/16- 4-H (cars due) 
1/23 100th day of school!
2/16 no school
2/19 no school 
2/20 parent teacher conferences

4th and 5th grade: finding the theme in a story by using details from the text. 
Science: 4th and 5th grade: scientific investigations, organizing data, technology and inventions review. 
Important dates:
12/1: do right days (November)
12/12: @1 pm Christmas program 
12/12: Do Right Days
           AR Party
12/15: 1/2 day. Christmas party (breakfast and pjs)
1/3: back to school 
1/15: no school 
1/16: 4-H




4th grade: Reading Wonder and doing a writing poster activity


5th grade: Reading Esperanza and doing an inference/sequence activity




4th Grade: Go over ch.4 test


5th grade: Organizing data/graphs


Tuesday is Craft Day



11/22-24- NO SCHOOL Happy Thanksgiving

12/12- Christmas Musical

12/15- Christmas parties/half day of school.

1/16- 4-H (service project due)

4th: describing setting and events by finding key details in the text. 
5th: describing setting and events by finding key details in the text. 
4th: static electricity, currents and review for ch 4 test (Friday)
5th: Record observations and scientific method and organizing data. 
Important events:
16th thanksgiving lunch 
20th- 4-h posters due
21st- craft day 
22-24 no school. Happy Thanksgiving! 

4th grade
Reading: vocabulary test on Thursday this week and graded papers on Wednesday this week. 
Decribing in depth a character, setting, or event in the story/text such as the characters thoughts, words or actions. 
Science: magnets
5th grade:
Reading: vocabulary test on Thursday. Comparing and contrasting 2 or more characters, settings or events in a story by drawing specific details from the text. 
Science: recording observations and plan, conduct, and communicate the results of controlled scientific investigations. 
Dates to know:
Nov. 8- Peter Pan play 
Nov. 8- Mrs. Rachel’s birthday! 
Nov. 8- progress reports 
Nov. 16- thanksgiving lunch 
Nov. 20- 4-H
Nov. 21- thanksgiving craft day 
Nov 22-24 no school 
Dec. 15- 1/2 day before Christmas break 



4th grade:Revise/edit our narritives and write final draft of our narratives.

5th grade:Revise/edit our narritives and write final draft of our narritives.


4th grade:Transparent, translucent, pague material and motion.

5th grade: scientific method



10/31: Do right days/pass outs

11/2: Student of the month assembly

11/6: No school

11/16: Thanksgiving Lunch


11:21: Craft Day

11/22-24: No School Happy Thanksgiving




4th and 5th grades: interim unit assessment and introduction of Narrative writing with drafts, organizers.



4th grade: Forms of Energy and Reflection, absorption, refraction of light.

5th grade: Ch.4 review, ch.4 test, Scientific investigations.



Red ribbon week: dress up Thursday as who you want to be when you grow up.

Vocubaulary Parade: FRIDAY!

October 31st: Do Right Days!





iReady diagnostic test mon-tues

4th grade-supporting inferences about informational text

5th grade- Explaining relationships in historical text 



4th using tools to measure physical properties, using units of measure 

5th movement of heat, mass force distance traveled


Important dates:

**wear college shirts on Monday’s**

10/16- fire prevention day 

10/17- 4-H

10/21- Boots and Bandanas dance

10/27-vocabulary parade